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26 May 1986
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5772: Approximately 16 of Av (This is our own computation)
I set the userpic setting to NO DEFAULT USERPIC this date during the impromptu ACC meeting.
The photograph of (the) Mysterian cannot be used. Nobody knows the origin of the photograph.
No replies yet from the person complaining about the Copy Right infringement. We cannot
locate the original email. Blr told E that he has a hand written copy of what the email
said. It is written on the back of an InterFaith Service pamplet from last month "at"
St. Vincent de Paul. We are praying this source gives us a clue which is useful...

~11:46PM PST during the post meeting milling`about

2010:11.15 ~1832hrs
Successfully added an alternate picture to this LJ.
Waiting for a response from either DC else 5G before proceeding.
The synopsis of the Summer CC meetings is a mess.(DF)
Ten days ago I learned I am pregnant.

We are waiting for The Englishman to install (the) END SUBR.

I stopped taking my anti-psychotic medicine three days after learning I am pregnant.

My name is Debohra Hanna Fovwnov
2010:03.10 early afternoon
israeli children

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