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We do not necessarily need a bigger Texas Instruments "digital apparatuis" (paraphrasing CFS). The TI83+ is sufficient for calculus and engineering mathematics. The axis of rotation program Ames wrote requires 24317 bytes. The 30 bytes remainder (after ARP installantions) reduces total computing capacity to an insufficient level. The rotation of Axis program is necessary when the companion primary program is the Vsual Basic 2005 used by Lucky to develop 5D calculus.

Elsewhere, the location section of BAM  seems-to-be hopeless entangles in a tangle of wrong IP addresses and delayed citations of IP addresses. We are returning to the long version of  the ALH signature until the situation changes.

Jesus Lives `n saves
ALH84001(J2HD8311ILO0, Speadtle for CFS)
ALH84002({ Fast lower limit init ial time ~0315am during 2/R16/2017AD})
ALH84003({ [0] })

4.4446071741 =/= 701668949
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Originally posted by 5s_archives
at The last paragraph of the Novelist Notebook Exercise page 32 from 01 30 to 02 13 2017
[ 1] (The) Page 32 Exercise: Exercise completed 2017 01 30 ~2158hrs inside N446 __
[ 2]  CFS asked Speadtle to critique the Exercise. Speadtle felt the passage was to intense for him to deliver an objective ciritique. Three_Team discussed the passage today during the Honey Bee Writers Club meeting. We agreed to do nothing, except write the passage as the temporary beginning of the second novel.__
[ 3] Here is the Exercise from page 32 of The Novelist Notebook:
" Sunset is a sunrise somewhere. "  Who said that ?  Speedtle wanted-to-remember. He watched amber glows become purple shimmering ribbons. The horizon and ocean blend into one during sunsets. Which was water ?  Which was atomsphere ?  The name, even the face, of the speaker did not become a memory. Which blank memory was face ?  Which empty memory was voice ?

Purple ribbons melted into velvet blackness. " Sunrise is a sunset somewhere. "
-------------------------------------  Chapter One : The Dig --------------------------------
Was the ALA ever, only a computer ?

Transcribed from notes plus memory
3T(Ruth K for Archivist_DF)
vigiles  salutis  " cyber`ia "


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2017 02  13 ~1431hrs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Originally posted by 5s_archives
at Honey Bee Wring Club meeting during 12 Feb 2017AD <= We discussed how to weave the theme of the book by Pierino Ursone into Seven_Scripts. The book title is " How to Calculate Options Prices and Their Greeks ". " Greeks " in the Pierino System are the seven variables which are used to calculate the price of an option.  The first seven characters of the Greek alphabet represent the variables. The purport of the book is an exploration of "the Black Scholes Model from Delta to Veg". Niether L or Speadtle attended the meeting. We postponed talking about the LK-map(s) which seem to show about the Facebook skunkouts.until at least one of them attends.

See the reading list for more about the Pierone book.
vigiles  salutis  " cyber`ia "

================== END 12 Feb 2017AD Entry =================
Originally posted by 5s_archives at Honeybrew Reading Club et `al Honey Bear Reading Club experiment SEARCH during 01 Feb 2017AD
The complab is complab:RDCL.207. This was the complab from which DF said she received the " Secrity Alert " yesterday. I am sending a simple LJ message to mC so as to read the IP number of complab:RDCL.207. _

vigiles  salutis  " cyber`ia "

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Originally posted by 5s_archives
at Honeybrew Reading Club et `al Honey Bear Reading Club meeting notes from 26 January 2017AD
We are agreed: Aliceman when a boorish, populist males becomes " Delmar ' Puzz ' Quiggley ". The female version becomes " Doretha ' Fuzzy ' Klomp ". More later when S62rf and CFS return from Oceanside. L is most relucant to go this one on her own. __
---- Informal meeting _-
---- The 3000th screening of " cruel Intentions " was postponed. More later... __
 Three_Team(Archivist_DFD) __
vigiles  salutis  " cyber`ia " __
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ END 26 January 2017AD Entry ///////////////////////]
Originally posted by 5s_archives at Homebrew Computer Club VERSUS Honeybrew Computer Club meeting notes from 24 January 2017AD
(1) The movie "The Clock" is not the same as the Greek film "Clocks". L did not know this and brought the wrong DVD to the meeting. As it turned out, the mistake paid off. Detective Lorraine has taken our names off the Police Academy Library access list. We met instead in the auditorium of the Mission Valley Library using the pretense of wanting to watch the movie. We had the DVD going in the event someone walked in on us.... __
(2) Discussed during the meeting: The " Morgan Robertson " character-technique is not working. The vote was 10 - 2 for continuing to use until the critique from Merriam S`s reader comes back to us. We think it is a feasible idea. Nobody has yet to write good stuff using the technique. __
(3) CFS asked the group if anyone researched the changes VO made to the ALH access. Nobody knew anything. __
Approximately here, Blr walks out of the meeting.....
(4.0) GUEST SPEAKER was Robert Young Pelton: _
(4.1) He sold five of his books " License to Kill ". Interesting note: Pelton would only take cash. And he refused autographs He said his published did not authorize autographs. He seemd nervous. __
(4.2) The Pelton presentation had nothing to do with the book he was selling. RYP seemed shakey so attendees did not press the subject of why he was talking about an irrevelant topic. Blr, after the meeting, guessed that RYP was medicated and overheard us talking about " Clocks ". Best guess we have, since nobody else had any ideas. Pelton described how " clicks " moneterize search <=> responses on the inter net.  " clicks " simultaneously advertise <=> generate revenue. Pelton asserts that " open source " is always gossip. It becomes insideous, even sincere open source becomes gossip. Pelton advised think of an American public junior high school: mindless, emotional,sugarized and sexually stupid. __

(5) RYP stayed on after we quit. He was watching the movie "The Clock". He promised to L  He would return the DVD to the MVL check-in. The film makes its way into Secven_Scripts because of this event. The screen-script content seems to have nothing to do with any current Seven_Scripts projects. __
(6) ATTENDEES: Beth G, CFS(voting for Blr), (Charlene Ayers-C(brought Aldous C), Dsrvl, Teyve G,L(AKA: Sard), NR(voted for WSC) and Nrsc.  Blr came to the beginning of the meeting. He purchased one copy of " License to Kill ". The film The Clock was too much for him. He left before RYP began his talk. __
---- Archivist_DF

vigiles  salutis  " cyber`ia "
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Originally posted by 5s_archives
at Homebrew Computer Club VERSUS Honeybrew Computer Club meeting notes from 13,16 and 17 Jan 2017AD => The past three meetings we practiced using the ops manual which WSC brought from Vancouvre. The language is more Bristish-English than Canadian. We have sorta learned to read the text. The only member which does not feel comfortable using the ops manual is Archivist_DF. Beth G and L have volunteered to do her coding. Blr and WSC are headed back to Vancouvre. They shall try to learn more about the origin of the manual. Nobody believes the Copyright 1922AD date is accurate. The First Printing date of May 1897AD is dismissed by Speadtle as "too ridiculous to even begin to take seriously". The Publisher is given to be Union Square Publishing of San Franscisco. We already have debunked the name of the Publiisher. We shall know more this time next week when WSC returns.

There have been no nibbles at the name Honeybrew Computer Club. Same for Honeybrew Writing Club. We agreed to wait until the end of next month before doing anything about the namesake.

The idea Ames and S62rf had about using optical fibers instead of Si-based microprocessors does not work.

Now, you know what I know
Three_Team(Ruth K for DF)
A1Z.5S_Archives( www.sevenscriptsplustwonovels@Yahoo.com )
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Originally posted by 5s_archives
at Homebrew Computer Club VERSUS Honeybrew Computer Club democracy during 02 January 2017AD
(1.0) Honeybee Computer Club is copyrightable ....  __
(2.0) .... during 23-26 December of 2016AD and during the hike to Dead Mans Point during 02 January members treked `n talked then voted about ACC applying for a copyright. __
(3.0)  Five members favoring copyright of the Honeybrew Computer Club meeeting were: __
(3.1) Aldous C
(3.2) Archivist DF
(3.3) Beth G
(3.4) Teyve G (2 votes, She claimed proxy from C)
(3.5) Total votes in favor were 6 Votes from 5 persons
(4.0) Ten attendees voting in favor of The  Honeybrew Tactic were:
(4.1) Ames (i.e. Leroy E)
(4.2) Charlene Ayers-C
(4.3) Both JVA`s ( 2 votes, includes "Jancsi")
(4.4) Archivist_DF (Voting twice. 4.5mg  of  Vraylar  every 24 hrs)
(4.5) Naltalia R
(4.6) Lucky
(4.7) Ruth S (Brought in to stack the vote by Speadtle)
(4.8) Speadtle
(4.9) Vicky "Gonzales" L (Brought in by L to stack he vote)   
(5.0)  Total votes for the Honeybrew Tactic were 11 total votes from 10 persons

** The Honeybrew Tactic is to eschew copyright while waiting, watching, listening and learning who jumps the claim to the copyright. The interloper interlude gave S62rf and CFS the idea for the Tactic. The interloper "e`nch" did not attempt to jump any copyright claims. He helped by re-setting the as then unknown measuremt of the SSLEC. More later ...

There will be more...
vigiles  salutis  "cyber`ia"
Three_of_US(Speadtle for L and Dsrvl)
ALH84001(J2SFHD8311ILUV0O7Z, Speadtle)

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||  END 03 Jan Entry about the 02 Jan Meeting  |||||||||||||||||||||||
Originally posted by 5s_archives
at Honey Bee Writing Club meting notes from 29 December 2016AD ==> (1) We are ceasing use of the  t = 701668949  switch which turns "on" location setter while the HIDDEN_SCREEN SUBR is "off". We do not comprehend the ops of the subroutine sufficiently while the t = 701668949 switch is "on". __
(2) The subject of the meeting was what to do about S15. The situation is (that) an interloper who uses the S_S namesake "Enoch" has been using S15 as a base of operation since at least 29 November. 29 November through to no later than 03 December is when we realized we had no FOB to enter the S15 building, and no room key. We waited to see what would happen. Speadtle moved to the gararge-computer lab in Charlene`s house. CFS continued his stay in the camper which is parked Lucky`s Chula Vista side yard. Blr and WS Campbell have converted the back, screen porch and garage of the Poway house to a work-shop studio. We ignored the situation until..... __
(3) .... for approximately a week we have noticed lights on and off inside the S15 Room. The light pattern does not match the automatic reostat settings which S62rf set. Also, the mystey Facebook has resumed ops. RS says she has followed the interloper during four hikes/& jogs. She made contact with him today. She explained the 5G3T situation as pertains to The Longbeach Project. The interloper agreed he should exit S15. He volunteered he was not trained for a forensic assigment. He wondered aloud to RS if his Designated Control understood the difference between east Village and San Diego. RS says " noch" is leaving tomorrow morning via the earliest SurfLiner. She does not know the exact time. __
(4) She has iphone pictures of the interloper. She describes him as 50V. 50V is Three_team slang of aged over fifty years and vigorous. He is a strong hiker. He jogs very easily (i.e. without becoming breathless). __
(5) The interloper would not give the S15 FOB and room key to RS. She was taken aback by his refusal to co-operate. She did not think to ask him to leave the room door unlocked. The interloper would not disclose how and from whom he got the FOB and room key. Our key contol has become informal. The passovers were seldom documented unless the passover co-incided with a noteworth Seven_Scripts event. Consequently, we cannot be certain of the identity of the last person to controlled the key. __
(6) Aldous C and Speadtle agreed to intercept the interloper "at" the AM Track Station tomorrow morning. Speadtle shall persuade him to passover the FOB (at least) so we can enter S15. A lock smith can given the room a new lock. __

Now, you know what  I know.
Three_Team( Natalia R for Archivist_DF and RS)

vigiles  salutis  "cyber`ia"
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Originally posted by 5s_archives
at Blr and WSC are going to Pomona AND The Honey Bear Reading Club notes from 2016 12 03
(1) There is a missing entry it is about the 14  and  16  December HBW Club meetings.
(2) At the R Institute this early afternoon, Attorney Seligman says use of the " what was mine " character-chapter ordering method is copyrightable. She advises us to shun completely similar content of " what was mine ". There is a missing entry about the first part of this somewhere. it was the 14 December HBR Club meeting we held in the camper.
---- 3T(Archivist_DF)
============= END 19 December2016 Entry =================
Originally posted by 5s_archives
at Blr and WSC are going to Pomona AND The Honey Bear Reading Club notes from 2016 12 03
Blr knows the location of the house Rosey lives in near Pomona. WS Campbell says his camper can make the trip. They are going to Pomona. Between Rosey`s house (they planned to sleep in the gararge), the CSU-Pomona computing centres and the Mustang Library, they should be easy to find if they are in Pomona. S62rf will not answer the cell phone. He trusts 3T to check emails when he is not inside S15. CFS of late has been following S62rf`s example.  This morning I knew SQ was on duty at S15. She let me in the building.  Studio 446 is cleaned and prepared for a bug day inspection. The show box file is missing from the closet (prep for bug day). The back pack was gone. I wanted to stay to discover who is in residence inside S15. I realized that about 0832AM the bug day inspection would begin at 0900AM so I decide to leave as quietly as I came.

No you you what I know
3T(Jerusha A for DF)
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Originally posted by 5s_archives
at Honey Bear Reading Club 2016 12 03 PLUS Honey Bee Writing Club meeting notes from 29 November
See the Facebook record for the meeting today. I was unable to spaltz the U-Tube video for " Grit " over to this Live Journal. I have not yet transcribed the meeting notes....

vigiles  salutis  "cyber`ia"
Jesus Lives `n saves
====================  END 03 december Notes Here ================
Originally posted by 5s_archives
at Honey Bee Writing Club meeting notes from 29 November there was no Aztlan Computer club meeting => The Friend of Skia (i.e. her Santee Friend) won the 2016 " Fiction 101 " contest. We were so happy for her ( plus no Seven Group males were present), we read the short story three times, then went to the Lucky Dragon for a meal and read it two more times. Mucho laughter. We did not accomplish anything worth while, but we had a lot of fun. The story appears below. All Copyright accures to "Leah Knox" from Santee, California. _

The only male that attended was Aldous C who was brought by Charlene Ayers-C. He was quiet, only to say he wanted time to think through the entry for RUN 2016 11 29. A newee development in the ACC realm is (that) CFS has gone to live and work out of the house on Bluebird Street. Speadtle has moved from Chula Vista to Charlene`s house in Lemon Grove. Blr will camp in the backyard of the Poway house. CFS needs to be close to L and NR as he writes the Seven_Scripts synposis of the Man Who Invented the Computer. He is having difficulty with the switch over to hamarita as a literary trope. L and NR will be readily available to help him in Chula Vista. And Beth G is close by 'at" The Naval Station. _

Here is the short story " Leah Knox " wrote......
------------------------ FOR SALE by Leah Knox ------------------------
" For sale: baby shoes, stitched together from the faces I peeled from the men that never loved me. Perhaps, I thought, I`d make my own person to love me back.

Cheeks make good shoe leather, cured with salt, delimed and pickled. Stretched taut.

` Kiss me, ' I`d say, but they`d turn their mouths from me. I`d land on jaws instead.

` I think I'm gonna go, ' they`d say.

' I love your face, ' I`d say as I kissed them again on soft cheeks. They`d look away, tired.

Turns out sewing was easier than tanning which was easier than skinning which was easier than death.

Always won, never worn. "
------ Copyright Credit to " Leah Knox " be-friended by Skia

vigiles  salutis  "cyber`ia"
Three_Team( Archivist_DF )

|||||||||||||||||||||||||| 30 november ENTRY |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Originally posted by 5s_archives
at Honey Bee Writing Club meeting notes 26 November
We agreed to abandon peripeteia as a primary literary trope. The new primary trope is a blend of positive, assertive hamartis and anagnorisis. Script text prior to this eecision shall not be re-written. The only attendees were Three_Team and RS. We expect Seven Group to abide with the decision (i.e.zro males were present during the meeting).

EDIT complete 28 November
ALH84002{02 <= 2016:11.26 during 1521hC1 REM auto`matic)

================== End 26 November Enry ===================
Originally posted by 5s_archives
at The BAM pseudo code for RUN then C and a quick decision about the cameras
The BAM RUN function pseudo-code:
det  run(self,  scripfile):
I5>failure,  output = commands getstatusoutput (scriptfile)
I5>if failure;  print 'Could not run regression test' ,  scriptfile

vigiles salutis cyber`ia
--- We need a copyright citation
--- 7G is not claimiing a Copyright %.
Three_of_US(S62rf for CFS)
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||>> END of 22 November ENTRY <<|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Originally posted by 5s_archives
at C and a quick decision about the cameras THEN Digital memory described by metaphor =>
C Character Clarificarion plus Quick Decison About the Floaters Flop Cameras : =>(1) About the cameras : We need to know if CCTV cameras exist and the location(s) of any CCTV System units relative to Floaters Flop. We completely neglected the possible existence of cameras. The dream of Mister.Weintraub motivated me to meet L "at" the H-Street Tolley Stop (i.e. The Chula Vista location) this afternoon. She agrees the CCTV question is important enough for us to divert for a day or two. I shall leave a memo for Sandals in the S15 shoe box file.
(2) About the Character namesake " C " :  We decided during the last Honey Bee Wring Club meeting to do something about the " C " desiignation for the Seven_Scripts character with the namesake " C ". No person opposed the suggestion Natalia R asserted. NRR has researched her suggestion. She gave a description of her idea to L who passsed-over the entry to me this afternoon at The H-STS. Here is the first (and only thus far) description we have for the C character. =>
-------------------------------> INVITATION TO BEHEADING< ------------------------------
" In an unnamed dream country, the young man Cincinnatus C, is condemned to death by beheading for  " gnostical turpitude ', an imginary crime that defies definition. C spends his last days in an absurd jail, where he is visited by chimerical jailers, an executioner who masquerades as a fellow prisoner, and by in-laws who lug the furniture with then into his cell. When C is led out to be executed, the confusion plus sheer terror of his situation startles C to become awake. The whole dream world thus disappears. "
-------- L said NRR shall bring souce citation information to the next Writing Club meeeting
-------- S_S is not claiming any Copyright % of the passage.

More later...
Jesus Lives `n saves
vigiles salutis cyber`ia
ALH84001(J2SFHD1858B3P9, S62rf)
ALH84001(02 <= 2016:11.18 during 0931hC1 REM auto`matic)
ALH84003( www.sevenscriptsplustwonovels@Yahoo.com )

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||> END 20 November 2016 ENTRY <||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Originally posted by 5s_archives
at Digital memory described by metaphor after the 16 November Aztlan Computer Club meeting
References to magnetic disks and optical disks memories are metaphors for post-modern  " cloud computing ". The authors felt references to the cloud clouded ( pun intentended) meaning. The digital simulation of memory hieracrchy does not model the cloud of post-modern computing.
(1)  The smallest, fastest and most expesive digital memory locations are registers on the CPU.  _
(2)  Adjacent to the CPU are cache memories. The cache memories are more expensive than main memory. The proximate location to the CPU means cache memories are small and faster than any memory location except memories on the CPU.
(3)  The next level of memory is main memory, which both modern and post-moder computers have in abundance. Modern era machines often have main memory which is expandable.
(4) After main memory, the next level of memory is mass storage. Mass storage is portable memory, often on magnetic disk drives. Mass storage memory is more expensive and slower than main memory. Mass storage memory can be less expessive per byte than main memory because the machine hardware is purchasable independent of  original machine hardware.
(5) As the modern interval becomes post-modern computing , magnetic disks give way to optical disk memories. Optical disk memory offers lower costs, higher densities and  slower sppeds.

Attendees: Beth G, Charlene AC brought Aldous C, Teyve G (power point presenter), L, NR with WSC and either S62rf or CFS.

vigiles salutis cyberum
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||>> END 16 November ENTRY <<|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Originally posted by 5s_archives
at Digital memory access goal is 37nanoseconds vis a viz Aztlan Computer Club meeting 15 November 2016
We used the ideas noted by S62rf while he visted Professor Lee at UCSD. Any mistakes originate from 7G3T, rather than Professor Lee.: _
C wants a digital simulation of a 10GHz digital system which averages 3 cycles per instruction. We chose an internet connection of 10E6 bit. Our Group is most familar with a line speed which allows a traverse of 10E6 bits per scond. The situation becomes how to compute the number of instructions the simulated digital computer executes while waiting for a 8-bit character to arrive. The interval begins when the simulated computer receives the first 8-bit character. The interval ends when the computer receives the second 8-bit character. Professor Lee coached S62rf to use a two step algorithm which uses dimensional analysis. S62rf composed a word algorithm. The algorithm is not written in pseudo code, or any other HL code. We assume a complier time of zero. Our first result is shown below:

8 bits * [(1 sec)(10E(-6) bits) = .0000008 sec / character
(1 Billion cycles/sec) * (1 instruction/3 cycles) * (.0000008 sec/character) = 267 instructions/character

A test and debugging begins tomorrow.
The method is not Copyright protected.
S62rf wants any Copyright to accure to Professor Lee.
Sandals (i.e. CFS) presented the 267 instructions/character answer.
Attendees: Beth G with Charlene C-A , Dsrvl, L , NR with WSC and CFS

A1Z.5S_Archives( www.sevenscriptsplustwonovels@Yahoo.com )
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| END 15 November 2016 Entry ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Originally posted by 5s_archives
at HBW Club notes for 12 November followed by digital access time goal is 37 nanoseconds  ==>
From Honey Bee Writng Club notes during 12 November of 2016AD: _
(1) We discussed how to archive current reading(s) while using Facebook. _
(2) Skia began. She pointed out the book she was reading was titled "The Distracted Mind". The likelyhood that another Seven_Scripts associated would be reading such a book is remote. Yet, Skia was required by CHARACTER_DEVELOPMENT SUBR instruction to splatz the title if at all possible. Normally, the book title would appear (if at all) in the Likes Section. The Facebook algorithm slams the title into the Books Read Section . _
(3) Every attendee present agreed this is inaccuarte. Nobody suggested a solution. _
(4) Attendees to this point were: Beth G, Dsrvl with DF, L, either Speadtle or Slapshot, RS and  Skia. _
(5) RS and Skia both said they understood they could not vote or be otherwise Three_Team members because of the grandmother rule. Skia remarked (that) her retina "...does not trip the ALH facial recognition thing.". L said she would mention the situation to Ames try to fix. Then, C arrived.... _
(6) C arrived with WSC and the Englishman. He asked Three_Teamers to leave the conference room. This was approximately 1539hrs. Present in the conference room are William C, Aldous C, either Speadtle or Slapshot, and C. We suspect the two laptops are in simulated analogue mode because the screens glow is November pale gold (i.e. autumn gold). _

Instead of waiting for 4G to finish whatever, we are goling to the Laughing Dragon to munch on a group plate of Thousand Humming Birds.
As NR would have said..... _
Know You Know What I Know _

vigiles salutis cyberum
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| END 2016:11.12 ENTRY ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
10 November 2016 Entry for the Aztlan Computer Club
Originally posted by 5s_archives
at Digital access time goal is 37nanoseconds tested here is the entry
Because of TRACK.04 Line 117528 then T04: 117528  t(e, 5777:02.005>0833) our design simulations assume cache memory with a 10 nanoseconds access time. The main memory (kept in digital mode) access time was 10E2 nanoseconds. C wants the time value in the cache to be 0.70. The digital mode average access time to memory thus becomes 37E(-8) seconds. We do not know how to simulate 37nanoseconds.  The calculation is shown below:
 37E(-8) seconds = 37 nanoseconds = [(.70)( 10nanoseconds)] + [(.30)(100nanoseconds)]

The topic of memory nearest to the simulated CPU (versus) nearest to the memory core is beyond my knowledge. While researching this entry, I realized the dimensions of the simulated digital computer are not given, that is, the dimensions of the simulated analog light apparatus are the same as the dimensions of the simulated digital apparatus. I suppose if we survive the Devil Surf produced by the Santa Ana winds, then we may advance. Perhaps.

vigiles salutis cyberum
Three_Team(Natalia R for DF)
A1Z.5S_Archives( www.sevenscriptsplustwonovels@Yahoo.com )
||||||||||||||||||||||||| STOP 2016:11.10 Entry ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Originally posted by 5s_archives
at Digital access time goal is 37nanoseconds from C 67 1000011 correction is working AOKay
The arithmetic algorithm is 37ns = [(.7)(10ns)] + [(.30)(100ns)]. More later after we test...
vigiles salutis cyberum
Originally posted by 5s_archives
at C 67 1000011 correction is working AOKay and new memory locations
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| STOP 2016:11.09 Entry |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Combined meetings Honey Bee writing Club and Aztlan Computer Club during 05 November _
(1) Assurance (that) the C error will not re-appear in BAM MLP code Speadtle composed and algorithm and L coded it into the Track.13 HEADER to be installed as Intel X86* instructions in MLP memories 50 and 51 of Track.12. <= This makes more sense when one see it on a LK-Map. The Track.13 memory is the Seven_Scripts BAM location where the analogue simulation programme sections cease use of FORTRAN. We expect further errors. _
(2) * We would like to dis-use Intel X86. No progress on the dis-use. -
(3) The result is STORED in MLP memory location 101. Here is a pseudo - code version of what we agreed to use. The RSRD insertions are authored by L and Teyve G.  They are necessary to make the subroutine RUN.
-------------- UNDESIGNATED SUB-ROUTINE  --------------------
MOV  50 ,     EDX // Copy contents of location 50 to register _
ADD  51,       EDX // Add    contents pf location 51 to register _
MOV  EDX , 101 // STORE the result in location 101 _

(4) We have no reason to suspect location 101 becomes a MLP C value. Eveyone present agrees it sure looks that way.

 vigiles salutis murebyc
A1Z.5S_Archives( www.evenscrptsplustwonovels@Yahoo.com )
Originally posted by 5s_archives
at Aztlan Computer Club Notes from 24 and 25 October Interactive Sessions
(1) vigeles =~= vigiles : We cannot Copyright vigiles salutis. The soft (i.e. short vowel sound) of the second " i " is screen displayed by The Dragon Speech Recognition as an " e ", sometimes.
(2) cyberum =(should be)=> cyberia. Somehow, the Copyright of " cybereria is pre-existent.
(3) We agreed to use " cybre-" if the lanaguage subroutine can take the strain.
(4) Speadtle suggested using "murebyc"  untill the sitiation is resolved.
(5) The TI-83+ bug in Line Track.17:107416 continues. We have looped areound it.
(7) The C detection subroutine continues to spew forth excessiove screen display. L said she is discouraged and has quit.
(8) RS brough an idea for Script Five everyone liked. We perhaps shall imbue the HEURESTIC SUBR is a killer clown persona. Just an idea.
(9) The MMF app for screen display (the other RS contributon) is not coded in SANSKRIT. NR and beth G shall help RS code it.

vigiles salutis murebyc
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